Aditya Redij aka Prithvi of Life OK’s Junoon, shares his birthday plans with TellyBuzz…

Happy Birthday Aditya Redij!

Aditya Redij aka Prithvi of Life OK’s Junoon, shares his birthday plans with TellyBuzz…

Aditya Redij who plays Prithvi in Beyond Dreams' Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq, has turned a year older today and the actor shares his birthday plans and feelings with TellyBuzz on the same.
TellyBuzz spoke to Aditya to know more about his birthday plans. An elated Aditya told us, "I have already celebrated my birthday last night. Today, I am just taking it easy. After a long time I got some time for myself. I am just chilling at home, watching TV and nothing major is happening."
Talking about a perfect birthday, Aditya shares, "I don't really have a definition of a perfect birthday. If you feel good at the end of the day, your day becomes a perfect day for you."
When asked about the first person to wish him on his birthday, Aditya said, "Natasha was the first one to wish me."
So, what gifts is Aditya expecting on his birthday? "I have got all my gifts before my birthday only. I was out of town and I got lots of gifts through parcels for me. Natasha gifted me a watch."
So, are you planning to treat your co-stars on the sets? He replied, "Yes, I will. I might get a cake for them or some snacks. I am very bad when it comes to treating (laughs).
We also told Aditya that the fans of India Forums are celebrating his birthday by preparing a birthday thread and making some creative stuff for him too. Aditya replied, "Yeah I have come across the thread and that made me feel  really nice. People actually take out time to create pictures and videos. I love watching all of them on YouTube and India Forums. I would like to thank all of them. I love you all a lot. Keep creating new posts, pictures and videos, it really makes me feel happy about it."
TellyBuzz wishes Aditya Redij a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!

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