TellyBuzz in talks with Gulki Joshi who was last seen playing the role of Sugni in Zee TV's Phir Subah Hogi...

"I got a Balaji show before Phir Subah Hogi." Gulki Joshi

TellyBuzz in talks with Gulki Joshi who was last seen playing the role of Sugni in Zee TV's Phir Subah Hogi...

The talented actress Gulki Joshi essayed a popular role of Sugni in Zee TV's daily soap Phir Subah Hogi and also was seen in Sony TV's crime based show, Crime Patrol. Gulki talks to us about her upcoming plans and her journey of Phir Subah Hogi. Hailing from a creative background since her mother is a writer and father a director, Gulki always aspired of becoming an actor. Let us hear more about her life from Gulki herself.

What are your plans after Phir Subah Hogi?
I just want to have a lot of fun and catch up on the things which I missed when my show was in on. I want to spend quality tine with my friends and family and probably go on a holiday soon. Its very hot nowadays so I am planning to go out to a cool place. After a month or so I will plan to return back to work. Till then all the fun will be on.
How was it being a part of Phir Subah Hogi?
It was superb. In fact I think it was the most interesting journey so far in my life. It was a good show and the best part was that I got to work with awesome and intelligent people. But it was a TRP game due to which the script changes were made and eventually at the end it messed up everything.
The person you were closest to during the show?
Well, as a character it has to be Sugni and as individuals it is Varun Badola and Narayani Shastri with whom I have spent a lot of time. I got to learn a lot from them and being a fresher they have helped me a lot. Narayani has always taught me about how and whom to speak with and Varun always told me one thing that no matter how good an actor I become or reach any height, I should stick to the ground and be humble. I have learnt all good things which have helped a lot in both professional and personal life.
Tell us the one thing that you miss about Phir Subah Hogi?
I miss shooting with the entire family. It was a lot of fun when all of them were together. Family sequence shoot was always something I looked forward to. It was the soul of the show.
If you wouldn't be an actor, you would be?
I am still not sure about this, because honestly I have never imagined myself not being an actor. Being an actor was always my dream and I never had a plan B in my life till date. However, if a situation arises where I have to do something apart from acting, then I would think about it. I really hope that doesn't come.
How did acting happen to you?
I have been giving auditions since a long time. For the learning experience I believed in giving more auditions as we all know that auditions help an actor a lot. Many a times it so happened that I had some problems when I got chosen while at the others , the company involved would have an issue. After 2 years, I got a Balaji show where I played the lead.  We also shot for the pilot but things did not work out then too and the show never went on air. I kept waiting for 5 months and in the due course of waiting I got offered Phir Subah Hogi and I took it  up. By March I started shooting for this show. I continuously gave look tests for around 1 month, where I was tried on with every possible hair style, make up and costume, as the role of Sugni was a bit complicated. I had to learn the language too, as it was a different language on which I had to try my luck on. Luckily all went well and I bagged the role in the show."
If given a chance to join any ongoing television show than which one would it be?
Well, honestly I do not watch television shows at all. I used to only watch Phir Subah Hogi as I was a part of the show. I wanted to be updated about my performance and wanted to know everything else about it. Otherwise I am totally a non-TV person.
Which type of roles do you wish to play?
Anything and everything under the sun. Every role has its own uniqueness and being an actor we should have a hold on all of them. No two roles can be compared to each other whether they are good or bad. Each role has it's own specialty and so I would want to try all types of roles.
Was Phir Subah Hogi the show, you wanted to start your acting career with?
Yes, it was very much a show I would want to start my career with. I couldn't have thought anything more than this concept and the character I got. It was my favorite show and I was keen to start with it and luckily all went good for around 6 months till the TRP game spoilt it all. The entire team was enthusiastic and when the environment is positive you like working and giving your best in every shot.
An attitude you walk with?
Come may what, I will handle it.
We wish Gulki Joshi all the best for her career.

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