TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday Celebrity Slam Book section with Additi Gupta…

Additi Gupta's slam book!

TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday Celebrity Slam Book section with Additi Gupta

Additi Guptacurrently portraying Nandini in Zee TV's popular show Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan, spared time to answer our slam book questions… 
Birthday: 20th April
Nickname: Audi
Sun Sign: Aries
Hometown: Bhopal
Describe yourself: I am a good learner and I work hard to find my own ways.
My weakness: I trust people a lot.
What can easily impress you: Humor
You're crazy about: Clothes
Hobbies: Sleeping
A Cloud 9 moment for you: Whenever I hear the word 'Pack-up'.
Do you believe in destiny: Not really!
A Song that you're humming these days: One day/Reckoning song
A TV Show that you follow: I never get time to follow any TV show. The only thing I get to watch is myself on the monitor, during shoots.
Describe your daily routine in brief: I wake up at 7 in the morning, get ready, have breakfast, drive to my set, then I shoot, go for a walk in between, drive back home and go to sleep by 12.
What's your favorite pastime on the sets: Chit-chatting with people  and sleeping.
Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: I like to visit all the malls of Mumbai but I hardly do due to lack of time. So, whenever I get some time, I visit Apna Bazaar to buy some food stuff (laughs).
Craziest fan encounter so far: Once we went somewhere for a promotion and we met a guy there who broke a tubelight on his head.
Your inspiration: I get inspired when someone talks about something. I get inspired by things around me.
You're incomplete without: My Lip Balm. I go crazy when I don't find my lip balm with me.
Message to your fans: Have fun and enjoy life.

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