Star Plus’ Veera recently shot at the Golden Temple; people thrilled to see their favorite stars there…

Ranvijay goes to the Golden Temple with his 'Ardaas'

The team of Star PlusVeera recently shot at the Golden Temple; people thrilled to see their favorite stars there…

In the forthcoming episodes of Beyond Dreams' Veera will see the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar as the team recently shot there. As we have seen that Ranvijay (Bhavesh Balchandani)  has left his home in search of his father without letting anyone know about it. In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will get to see Ranvijay visiting the Golden Temple to make a wish to God to return his father back in his life.  At the temple he sees an unattended child who reminds him of Veera
The kid's parents return after sometime and in the meantime Ranvijay takes care of the child. The parents are impressed with the way he takes care of their baby and decide to take him abroad as their baby's care taker.
On the other hand, Ratan (Sneha Wagh), Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) and Veera (Harshita Ojha) also reaching the Golden Temple looking for Ranvi.
The team had a great experience while shooting at the Golden Temple and they were mobbed by the people. We contacted producer Yash Patnaik to more about the experience.
Yash says, "Golden Temple is an iconic religious place for Sikhs. Earlier it has been shown in the show that Ranvijay always visits the Gurudwara for his Ardaas, whether it was his first Ardaas for having a sister or having her naming ceremony. Now, he visits the Golden Temple with an Ardaas to find his father which will be followed by his mother Ratan, Nihal and Veera."
Talking about the experience of shooting there and managing the crowd, Yash shares, "The people were very co-operative. It has been an amazing experience for the entire team to shoot in Amritsar. People are very organized and disciplined inside the Golden temple. They supported us." 
Will Ratan, Nihal and Veera get to meet Ranvi at the Golden Temple or another hit and miss is waiting for them? The upcoming episodes of Veera will unfold the answers to these questions and viewers will get to see whether they meet Ranvi before he goes abroad along with the couple or not.

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