Reel Life v/s Real Life Holi by TV celebs

Reel Life v/s Real Life Holi by TV celebs

Tellybuzz got in touch with few television celebrities to share their experience about celebrating holi on screen and off screen.

The much awaited festival of colours has arrived. The festival of Holi is celebrated with loads of love and joy. The celebration of this festival has nearly been shot in the every daily soap on Indian Television which will aired in the coming week. Keeping this in mind the actors play holi twice that is in reel and real life. In fact they have to celebrate all the festivals twice. We got in touch with few celebrities of our telly town to share the difference between playing holi in reel and real life.

Here is what they said...
Asha Negi: On sets we have to play holi in continuity as per the requirement of the scene that is written. There are few restrictions which we do not have in real life. Real life doesn't restrict you pouring a bucket full of water on anyone. It depends on our wish about how we want to play it which is not possible in reel life.

Rohit Khurana: On the sets we have to play holi the way we are instructed. It should be played according to the sequence which is planned and we cannot do anything over the top. However, when it comes to playing holi in real life we can do anything and everything we want. We decide the way we want to play it.

Soumya Seth: While playing holi on the sets we have to keep in mind the continuity of the sequence as we have no option. Though holi on sets is played naturally as it is in real life, but here we have to walk according to the instructions. Basically it is a planned holi sequence where you know the person who is going to put colour on you and on which person you would be putting the colours on. In real life it is not so, you play as you want to.

Alisha Singh: Playing holi on the sets is very restricted. We have to be very careful on whom we put the colour as the script demands. While on the other hand when we play holi in real life it is purely our wish whom we want to put colour on and we can play however we want to. But keeping the difference aside it is fun playing holi on sets too.

Dheeraj  Dhoopar: Playing holi on the sets is almost the same as playing holi in real life. When you spend so much of time on the shoot, the co-actors and unit becomes like a family to you. Being a prankster I used to make plans to splash a lot of colours on friends and family without being caught. But we need to be more careful while playing holi during the shoot because it has to perfect, according to the sequence written. After the shoot I make all the plans to make my co-actors and the entire unit colorful. Also, every year I wait for holi as I get to eat yummy gujiyas.

Rithvik Dhanjani:In real life you don't have to repeat the same thing again and again and you do not have to wait and pretend to be another character.  Just being yourself is what real Holi is all about.

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