Gurbani set to realise her mother's un-fulfilled dream

Gurbani set to realise her mother's un-fulfilled dream

Gurbani on Colors is all set to take the viewers through a true heart wrenching tale...

Producer Damini K Shetty's new show Gurbani on Colors is all set to go on air from tonight. Inspired by true stories and backed by research the new fiction show Gurbani will portray a heart-wrenching tale that depicts the state of young girls from Punjab who have been enticed into the NRI dream by their parents and are still waiting for their husbands to return and take them back.
In the beautiful locales of Punjab, the story revolves around Gurbani, a young, lively girl from Amritsar who is forced to living her mother's unrealized dream of getting married to a prosperous NRI suitor.

Not knowing what the future holds thereafter, Gurbani makes her families dream into hers.Further we will see Sohum's entry and the revelation of his love for Gurbani. It will also show his plan on approaching Gurbani's parents for their marriage after he gets a Visa.
About the show, producer Damini K Shetty said, "Gurbani showcases the quintessential Punjabi culture, landscape and fanfare. Viewers will get a glimpse of various picturesque locations and a few iconic spots like Khasa railway station at the India and Pakistan border, Sirhind Canal near Ludhiana making it completely realistic. With its endearing tale, Gurbani will touch a chord with the viewer for its harsh portrayal of reality while yet maintaining the elements of anticipation, drama and suspense."

Let's see how the story of Gurbani moves further.

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