Presenting...the baap of all awards...the 11th Indian Telly Awards

11th Indian Telly Awards

We are the ones who first spotted the light at the end of the tunnel. We then took bold steps and created history by launching the first awards ceremony pertaining to the fascinating world of Indian television, the Indian Telly Awards. It’s been 11 glorious years since we have been bringing smiles to the lips of thousands working in the television industry by recognizing and appreciating their talent, service and hard work put in to entertain TV fans all across the globe.

Yes, we started it all and many traced our humble tread and followed it. And fans, here’s some good news for all of you. Indian Television Dot Com is proud to present the 11th Indian Telly Awards. Log on to, register yourself and vote for your favourite contestants from diverse categories. It is the moment and the opportunity to promote and show love for the actors you love and adore. Go for it…go all guns and extend maximum support and make them winners.

So who will ultimately hold the golden trophy? Will it be Giaa Maanek aka Gopi bahu, Sakshi Tanwar, Ram Kapoor or Ronit Roy? Well, the power to select winners lies in your hands.

Fans, it’s time to vote…go on…

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