Anupam Shyam – the coolest baddie in the town

Anupam Shyam needs no introduction. This man who eats, sleeps and breathes acting has earned Aonian heights of popularity by portraying Sajjan Singh in Star Plus' Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (produced by Walkwater and Spellbound Productions). And currently he just can't stop being merry as he won the jury award for the Best Actor in a Negative Role in the recently concluded 11th Indian Telly Awards, which will soon air on Colors.

"Right now I am at Lucknow but getting an award for my work is obviously a great thing and I am very happy about it. But I never work for any award or appreciation. I feel that one always gets rewarded for his good work and I am doing the same. I would thank all my viewers who made Sajjan Singh so popular. Without them I am no one. I was just an actor but recognition is something I have received from them" shared Anupam.

He continued, "Frankly speaking I was not even aware that I was nominated for such category and getting an award came as a surprise for me indeed."

Anupam went on to narrate an anecdote, which according to him was the real award for him. "Recently I visited my brother's place at Banaras. There, one fine day, I was out when I saw a funeral procession passing by with everyone chanting 'Ram Naam Satya Hain'. They spotted me and stopped chanting. Instead they started asking about my well-being. I mean, I am getting recognised and being loved by people even at such an unfortunate moment, which is really overwhelming."

Hmm...quite an interesting incident, we must say. He finally ended by stating, "An award is just a way to express love and I hope such love is showered on me in the future too."


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