Will Prem run off to London in I Luv My India?

Ayaz Ahmed

DJ’s A Creative Unit’s show I Luv My India on SAB TV is a story about a man, Premnath played by Arun Bali, who wants his children to imbibe the traditional values of Indian culture. In the show, Prem (Ayaz Ahmed) is now married to Pari (Archana Taide) but in the upcoming episodes, problems will crop up in their relationship.

It has already been shown that Prem has never been attracted to Pari and he agreed to marry her for the sake of his family’s happiness. Pari, on the other hand, is a simple and sweet girl and in spite of knowing Prem’s real feelings for her, she is hopeful of winning his love someday.

Now, in the coming episodes, Prem will try all means and throw in many excuses to run away to London. But all his efforts will prove to be futile.

We contacted Archana Taide and this is what she had to say about the development, “Yes, it’s true that Pari is a typical patni who cares a lot about her pati and is ready to wait for him to feel the love. Pari believes in the institution of love and marriage. There is a lot of hilarious stuff happening between Pari and Prem and it’s fun to work and shoot with the cast and crew.”

Well, we hope that Prem and Pari fall in love and we get to see some romance in I Luv My India!!!

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