Why is Imagine TV's Vivek Bahl shying away from the media after the channel's closure?

Chief Content Officer Vivek Bahl

Vivek Bahl was ambitious and hopeful when he was appointed as the Chief Content Officer of Imagine TV by Turner. He was meeting a lot of producers and was coming up with strategies and content with which he hoped to surge ahead in the race of TRPs. But all plans proved futile with Turner’s sudden decision to pull the plug on Imagine TV. Since then, Vivek, who doesn’t carry a mobile phone, has been staying away with the media and has not come on record to state his views on the move.

We also tried to get in touch with Vivek, via varied sources, but he remained unavailable. A reliable source from the channel, who chose to be anonymous, stated that even Vivek was not aware of the decision. He chose not to talk as “he did not have much to say”.

On the other hand, it is also said that Vivek chose to keep mum as Turner let only Siddharth Jain, Managing Director- South Asia, Turner International, to do all the talking.

True, that he did not speak to the media but went on to share his feelings on his FB page. Here’s what he said;
“wow... it's been an incredibly tough year...!

i really want to apologise to so many of those i've let down recently

can only hope we'll get a chance to work together again

wish all the very best for you all...

& thank you to those who've reached out to the imagine team over the past few days

sometimes, best intentions go wrong

just a few months ago... i took up imagine as a huge challenge

i categorically asked the management not to expect even mini-miracles to happen overnight...

not for a year, or even two...

i was sure that very, very slowly, & surely, we'd turn things around...

& i was assured we were here for the long haul

it's turner... a huge organisation i've heard such great stuff about... about how honest & committed they are

well, i still wont say i'd heard wrong... despite how it's gone... they really have been great people to work with...

& i'm standing by them

i'm sure it's as tough a time for my seniors, mark & steve, back in hong kong...

& guess, someone, somewhere must have been compelled to take this decision for reasons beyond our comprehension here

while it's placed me personally in a tough spot...

i want to first be there for those that need it much more... the imagine team... the producers... actors... writers... technicians...

guys, there is some really bright talent there... in programming, marketing, other departments, actors, writers, directors...

please reach out & ask me for any names anyone might be looking for...

of course, there are many around who'll revel in the situation... enjoy it all... make up stories...

& i've already heard some :)

then, there are those in every walk of life

guess, let people have their fun, ya... whatever makes them happy :)

let's look instead at the positives television, even this experience, has given us all

be tough... keep learning... work harder... & move on

apologies... thank you again... & love always...” (sic)

Hmm… that is quite moving. Anyways, whatever be the reason, the media would love to have a comment and reaction from Vivek. Or maybe, his silence has a deeper meaning to perceive. Let’s see what holds in the future.

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