We have broken new ground with the concept of Parvarrish, says producer Deeya Singh

Producer Deeya Singh

Sony’s parenting show Parvarrish on Sony Entertainment Television completed 100 episodes last night (6 April 2012). Producer Deeya Singh (DJ’s A Creative Unit) says, “I am extremely happy with the journey till now. This show has been like raising a child which is never easy. Our aim has always been to do some meaningful television. We are breaking new ground with the concept of Parvarrish which is not a love story or the story of the other woman. Our protagonists Sweety (Shweta Tiwari) and Pinky (Rupali Ganguly) and their husbands (Vivek Mushran and Vishal Singh) are parents and not couples in love. The real challenge lies in the fact that when you break new ground, you always have to walk the tight rope in your writing, screenplay and acting. Also when you do normal shows, you have certain types of drama to fall back on but here we have to invent our own entertainment templates e.g. our take on rain drained sequence and dupatta styled moment.”

Furthermore, this is what she has to say on the question of audience reaction to the show, “People want to learn about parenting from this serial, at the same time we have to be very careful in not being judgmental on which party is right. Above all, they are seeking a clean story with high entertainment value. What I am also told is that the audiences are liking the manner in which the parents are teaching their kids the lesson of life and how something they themselves err and pick up the pieces and move on, for let’s face it, parenting is a job where you learn something new every day. One of the big departures what I feel is being appreciated by the masses is that unlike regular TV shows the characters of Parvarrish are not black or white, there are shades of grey e.g. kids of Sweety and Pinky make mistakes (forging parents’ signatures) but as their parents love them they let them go. So the important part is to show them the right path.”

Coming to the casting, Deeya states, “Shweta Tiwari is perfect as Mother India type Sweety. I saw her delivering two lines and I knew she was perfect for this role. Being a mother herself she knows what it takes to be a parent. Sweety might be harsh in her tone, but she has her heart in the right place. She also has the right balance like she takes her daughter to the gurudwara, but also tells her to put the right make-up for the rock concert.”

She is also quite happy with the numbers Parvarrish is drawing, “I am quite satisfied. We have had a few hiccups but when you are up against something very larger than life or something very romantic and formula centric, this is bound to happen.”

Well Deeya, we wish that the blissful journey of Parvarrish continues forever and ever!!!

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