TRPs don't bother me: Harshad Chopda

Harshad Chopda

He has a smile that melts hearts. He has body and persona that exude magnetism and change his fans into fanatics. Who are we talking about? Well, none other than handsome and charming Harshad Chopda. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see him back on the tube after his last show Dharampatni went off air in a jiffy. Well, the wait is now over as the man, who personifies awesomeness, is all set to enthrall the masses as Raghav in Saubhagyavati Bhava on Life OK. In a candid interview with, Harshad talks about his character, his link-ups and more. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your role in Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Ohh… that’s a tough one. Where do I start from? Let’s see… Actually my role has got many layers to it. My character’s name is Raghav, he is someone who fights for the weak and is completely heart-driven. Whenever he does something he doesn’t think about its repercussions. He can’t see injustice happening to somebody.

Why did you opt for the show?

I have always taken up projects which excite me and Raghav is definitely a very interesting role. It is something which I have always wanted to do. I
would love to be remembered for my role in Saubhagyavati Bhava.

Have you watched the serial? Did you like it?

Yes, I have and I think it’s a brilliant show. Both the actors are extremely talented and I love the chemistry between Karanvir and Sriti. They share a great equation and the combination is brilliant. I am looking forward to work with them.

Okay. But many people are of the opinion that the show glorifies
domestic violence. Your take on it…

See everyone has his or her way of looking at things. Unfortunately, people are giving more importance to the negatives in the show rather than the positives. Here is a case of a man who is mentally imbalanced and Saubhagyavati reflects that the problem can be solved with psychiatric help. Moreover, domestic violence is prevalent in our country and the show is just creating awareness about it.

Now, usually it has been observed that no two big actors are friends. Will it be the same with you and Karanvir?

Karanvir is popular and it’s a good thing. I believe he deserves all the success and the fan following that he has got. He is doing a great job in the show. I believe as an actor what I give to the show is important and I don’t find any reason for fights. We both are a part of the same show and it is our
responsibility to keep the momentum alive.

The channel (Life OK) is very new and was launched recently. So did you have any inhibition to take up a project in a lesser known GEC?

TRPs or GRPs don’t bother me as long as work is good. I always give importance to content not the medium or channel.

So are you super excited?

Yes, I am very excited and just waiting for the shooting to commence. I can’t wait to go to the sets.

Now, let’s talk about your last show Dharampatni. It was a high-profile show but went off air within months of its launch. Are you disappointed?

Different people said different things about Dharampatni. Many said that it was not handled and treated well but I still consider it as one of my best works, irrespective of its final outcome. Yes, it is true that it was short-lived. People say I have a huge fan base, but no matter how popular you are, in the end it is the content of the show which matters. I worked extremely hard in Dharampatni and also Tere Liye but the sad part is that both the shows couldn’t complete its desired journey.

What did you do in your break time?

I enjoyed the time to the fullest. I completed all my pending work. I spent some lovely time with my family and my dog. It was an awesome feeling to be with my loved ones all the time and now that I will start shooting, I wish that I can spend those moments on sets too (laughs).

On a personal note, you have always been linked to your co-stars, be it Aditi Gupta, Anupriya Kapoor or Aasiya Kazi. Are you the lover boy of the TV industry?

(Laughs) What should I comment on this. I have nothing left to talk on this topic. Media has always cooked up imaginary stories about me. And in the future, I think I will be linked to a girl who will not be alive or will be imaginary (laughs).

Finally, any message for your fans?

I would like to thank them for loving me continuously. I know you guys are waiting desperately to see me back on screen. So now you can watch me in Saubhagyavati Bhava.

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