Toasty to get out of coma and return to Chaturvedi family in Saas Bina...

Aishwarya Sakhuja (Toasty)

Optimystix Entertainment’s Saas Bina Sasural (Sony Entertainment Television) wore an air of seriousness since Toasty (Aishwarya Sakhuja) went missing in the show after meeting with an accident. Her family members yearned to have her back in their lives. Now, off screen, Aishwarya was unwell, so the production house introduced the accident track in order to give her some break from work and allowed her to recuperate.

Currently, in the soap, she is back and is shown lying in a hospital in a state of coma. The Chaturvedi family has been praying for her well-being. In the upcoming episodes, a doctor will announce that Toasty can come out of coma in 72 hours, if more complications don’t crop up, or it may even take years for her to get back to normalcy.

However, has learned that Toasty will recover and return to the Chaturvedi family and she will be welcomed with open arms and lots of love.

We talked to Rishi Khurana (who plays Ved in the show) regarding the track and he said, “Aishwarya was unwell so she was away from shooting but now she is back. Furthermore, in the show, Toasty is in coma but I can’t reveal if she will get well or not. You have to watch Saas Bina…to find out.”

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