Spoiler alert…Neha to shoot Kabir in a dream sequence in Chhal- Sheh Aur Maat

Believe it or not, we are going to blow the lid off the upcoming drama in Colors' Chhal- Sheh Aur Maat. Yes, we are here to give you the storyline dope in advance. As seen till now in the show, Kabir (Avinash Rekhi) has kidnapped Neha's (Hunar Hali) husband Rishi (Abhishek Malik). On top of that, he has kept Neha forcefully, in her husband’s absence, at his residence. Now Neha has been abiding Kabir’s instructions without any kind of gripe in order to save her husband.

In the previous episodes, Kabir took Neha along with him to meet Rishi but threatened her not to go too close to her husband or make any kind of attempt to save him.

In spite of the lurking threats, Neha's hidden desire and motive has been to free her husband. So the moment she saw Rishi, she ran towards him. But she came to a halt after finding a man pointing a gun at Rishi.

The viewers will see a dramatic scene wherein Neha will snatch the gun from the man's hand and shoot Kabir. However, this will only be a dream sequence and audience will learn that she has been day-dreaming and imagining to kill Kabir. Ultimately, she will fail to free Rishi from Kabir’s clutches. But in the future, she will make more plans to free her husband.

Tellychakar.com spoke to Hunar Hali about the development and she said, "Neha is trying to save her husband Rishi and she will do everything she can to save him", however she refused to divulge any further.

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