Siddharth Arora "enjoys" birthdays but "hates getting older

Siddharth Arora

Siddharth Arora is one handsome hunk. Tall, fair and nicely built, he is an absolute eye candy. And it’s his birthday today (13 April 2012). But given his super committed professional nature, he is working even on a day which is meant to party hard.

“I am doing theater now so I am rehearsing for my upcoming show, The Big Fat City based on the chaos in a metro city. I will rehearse till late in the evening. Then I shall go partying with my friends. I have already cut one cake and plan to cut many more,” smiles the b’day boy who was last seen on television in Mukti Bandhan (Colors).

He further shares, “I enjoy birthdays a lot but I don’t like the fact that I get older with each passing year (laughs). Furthermore, I think birthdays should be unplanned and one should go with the flow.”

And what about gifts? “There is a friend of mine who stays in Bangalore and every year he sends me a bouquet on my birthday. He did the same this year. I think it is quite a noble gesture. And my friends threw a surprise party last night and I was left quite overwhelmed,” he ends.

Siddharth, wishes you a very happy birthday!!!

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