Shivshakti has secret admirers on sets of Afsar Bitiya

Shivshakti Sachdev

Shivshakti Sachdev was loved by the audiences in Star Plus offering Sabki Laadli Bebo. Currently they are watching her in an altogether different avatar in Zee TV’s Afsar Bitiya. She plays the character of Pinky, which has shades of grey to it. But ignoring her onscreen persona, Shivshakti gets special treatment on the sets of this show.

A source from the sets informs that Shivshakti, probably the youngest actor on the sets, is very bubbly and treats everyone like her elder brother and sister. And everyone tries to make her happy. “However, apart from getting pampered by the cast and crew of this show, this jolly nature of Shivshakti has also helped her earn many secret admirers,” reveals the source.

“I agree that I get pampered on the sets as the people over the sets are just awesome. I get lot of attention from just everyone. My mother believes that we see the world as we are. They love me a lot and I too love them,” Shivshakti told And what about her silent admirers? “I have no idea about them, as they are silent (laughs); but I would love to find out who my secret admirers are.”

We just hope that the secret comes out in the open, really soon.

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