Shakti Arora is on cloud nine these days

Shakti Arora

It’s always good to receive compliments. And it is more special when it comes from someone who is very close to you. And who better can understand the feeling than Shakti Arora (host of Imagine’s Gyaan Guru).

“I have been in the industry for quite some time now, but after watching me on Gyaan Guru, my grandfather complimented me for the first time. He actually liked my style of anchoring,” shares the handsome actor with

Shakti’s grandfather also hails from the world of entertainment. He is none other than veteran actor, producer and director Chandrashankar. He is also the founder and trustee of CINTAA.

“He always appreciates good work. So I knew that I would get compliment from him the day I put up a good performance. And yes, this time around he did pat my back,” he goes on to share.

Furthermore, he says that he has always admired Amitabh Bachchan as an anchor and he “likes him a lot”.

“When my grandfather told me that he felt I was as good as Amitji I did not know what to say. He comes with a lot of experience where else, I don’t and I am sure I am not even ten percent of him but then the compliment means a lot to me.”

Well, congrats Shakti and keep up the good work!!!

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