Sach Ka Saamna: Which truth about himself surprises aspiring model Bassam Mallick? (18-04-2012)

At a young age of 24, how much could possibly have happened in Bassam Mallick's life? A struggling model, Bassam is not only faced with questions that could affect his future career but also those about his childhood and family.

As a child did he kill his neighbour’s pet bird? Does he feel suffocated by his friends? Did he slap his elder brother in front of everyone? Has he slept with people to further his career? These are just some of the questions in Bassams' episode.

Are there any truths, which even his best friends may not have the heart to face? And as if the shock of having to hear his truths weren't enough for his friends, Bassam himself was in for a bit of a suprise.

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