Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Aham's girlfriend to return

By Almas Mirza

Another tough time awaits Gopi after the batwara fiasco comes to an end. And this time, the plot will bring about challenge for Gopi's love for her husband Aham.

Gopi had seen a ray of hope in her marital life on Holi when she thought Aham is getting drawn towards her. But she is now disheartened that Aham doesn't remember anything that happened between them as he was under the influence of bhang.

In the coming episodes, Aham's girlfriend from the past, Anita, will make a comeback causing much turbulence in the life of Gopi. Anita's re-entry raises several questions. Why has Anita returned? What are her intentions? How will Gopi handle the situation?

Seeming the affection that Aham has developed for Gopi in so many months of his married life, will he turn back to his old flame Anita or will he stand by Gopi?

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