Rajendra Gupta From Chidiyaghar Stumped By A Fan Kid

SAB TV show chidiyaghar's popular character Bauji aka Rajendra Gupta gets stumped by the act done by his young fan to him...

One of the most popular comedy show Chidiyaghar, which is coming on SAB TV, has gained a lot of fan following in the past few months of its launching. The most popular characters of the show named Gadha Parasad, Ghotak and Mayuri have become successful in getting a huge fan following since the show is on air.

Among all these characters, a character named Rajendra Gupta, who is playing the role of Bauji in the show is always keep running away from his servant Gadha Prasad's stupidities onscreen. Recently he was seen chasing with the same stupidities in his real life also. He called for a lemonade (nimbu paani), while he was having dinner with his friends and family at a restaurant. A young boy, who was sitting next to his table, decided to serve him before the waiter could. He came up to his table with a glass of water and a lemon and he put the whole into it. While offering the lemonade to him, the young boy said, "Bauji, yeh lijiye nimbu paani". The young boy was a regular follower of the show Chidiyaghar and he was imitating Gadha Prasad's character at that time. Talking about the incident, Rajendra Gupta said, "All that I could say to that young boy was Hari Om the exact same way I react to Gadha Prasad's stupidities. It's great to see the love and appreciation that I have been receiving Linkacross India from various age groups."

According to a source, "Rajendra Gupta's reaction was hilarious while the incident took place. He was totally stumped by the kid's reaction. Being extremely kind hearted and rooted, he took that incident in great spirits and he also spent some quality time with the kid."

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