Producer Shrishti Arya - jovial, practical and affable

Shrishti Arya

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Shrishti Arya looked all pretty and beautiful wearing a Pink salwar kameez when she entered the den of as the Editor of the Day. And these were her first words, “Hope you guys won’t get me into any kind of trouble by telling me to file a gossip,” she said with a hearty laughter.

Shrishti’s production house Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd’s new show Dekha Ek Khwaab (Sony Entertainment Television) has been gaining good numbers and is being liked by TV lovers.

“Mine is the only show that went up in ratings last week during the IPL cricket fever,” she shared with us.

And she is someone who has no airs at all. When asked what she would like to eat, she replied, “Get me vada pav or samosas. I would love it. Nothing fancy please,” and we obliged.

Shrishti gelled well with the team and then went ahead to talk to Karan Wahi, Ashish Kapoor and Shritama Mukherjee and filed articles on them (we shall soon upload them).

Aur kya karna hain batao? I hope you guys got what you wanted from me?” she asked. Well, Shrishti, all we want to say is that it was wonderful of you to come to our office and spend time with us, given your busy schedule. Thanks a lot for being the Editor of the Day. Cheers!!!

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