Please don't laugh...the truth is that I am a serious person, says Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna

There’s nothing Ragini Khanna can’t do. This petite, sexy and beautiful actress has been there, done that. She gained immense popularity playing Suhana in Star Plus’ Sasural Genda Phool. She is bubbly, charming and of course, hard working.

“I started my journey three and half years ago. I hailed from a film background, so people thought I will get work easily in television. But I had to struggle and work hard like any other normal girl, may be more,” shares the lovely actress with

Okay, we get it. So how are you as a person? “I laugh and smile all the time but I am a serious person. I believe in being professional and all I want in life is to work, work and work. I get satisfaction, happiness and pleasure out of it.”

Furthermore, she also says that she respects and loves everyone with whom she has been associated with. “Everything will come to an end someday but people will stay with you forever. So I do respect each and everyone who is around me.”

Hmm… very noble thoughts, we must say. Now, Sasural…is going off air in April, 2012, so what are her plans for the future? “Immediate plan is to do a photo shoot. Then it depends on offers and yes, I don’t want to take any break. I want to continue working.”

She smiles and continues, “I would love to do movies as well, given the character is interesting enough,” and who is her ultimate dream hero, “Hrithik Roshan,” she answers with oodles of laughter.

Finally, she bids adieu with this message for her fans, “I love you all.”
Well Ragini, we all love you too!!!

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