Pintoo Singh to confess his love for Krishna in Afsar Bitiya

Mitali Nag and Kinshuk Mahajan

Krishna (Mitali Nag) had to go through a lot of hardships to fulfill her dream of becoming a BDO (Block Development Officer) in Raakesh Paswan’s Afsar Bitiya on Zee TV. And now that she has achieved it, the audiences will witness some more drama in her life, when her family will see her photo with Pintoo (Kinshuk Mahajan) in a newspaper.

A source reveals that the families of both, Krishna and Pintoo Singh, will get irked reading the article about their closeness. And Krishna will have to face a lot of criticism for the same. But the best part will be that Babloo (Yash Sinha) will make Pintoo Singh realise his love for Krishna.

And Pintoo will want to confess his love for Krishna, but since he is jobless, he will think of dropping the idea. But after much thought, he will make up his mind. He will write a love letter for Krishna and will throw the same at the latter’s house. Furthermore, Pinky (Shivshakti), who is unaware that Pintoo is planning to propose Krishna, will start plotting against the couple.

When contacted Mitali Nag (Krishna) here’s what she said, “My character Krishna is unaware that Pintoo Singh likes her and is planning to confess his love. But I can’t reveal much about the track; all I will say is that this track is interesting. So please let the viewers watch and enjoy it.”

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