Niyati and Amber to adopt a child post leap

Sachin Shroff-Jayshree Soni and Krishav Mukherjee had earlier reported that Niyati (Jayshree Soni) would meet with an accident on Sahara One’s Niyati, post which the show would take a two year leap. Now, soon after the conceptual jump, Amber (Sachin Shroff) will adopt a two-year old boy child, Rohan (played by cute and cuddly Krishav Chatterjee).

As seen in the earlier episodes, Niyati was expecting but during her and Amber (Sachin Shroff)’s stay at a hill station, they met with an accident, causing loss of her baby. Niyati was left traumatized after the incident.

The track will take a leap on 16 March 2012 wherein Niyati will be shown still being in a state of shock. In a state of distress, Amber will be sitting at a temple when a child will come and sit next to him. Amber will look for his parents but will find no one. Hence, he will finally decide to adopt and bring him home. talked to Sachin, who said, “We have started shooting for the leap and yes, we will adopt a kid.”

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