Mann Ki Awaaz... Pratigya: Pratigya to stay at Shakti Niwas

Eversince Kesar informed Krishna that Menaka is suspicious at her and she is not able to get in touch with Pratigya as her mobile is damaged, Pratigya has been thinking of a way to handle this situation. Menaka’s mother is plotting to transfer Shakti’s property in Menaka’s name.

Pratigya comes out with a solution and decides to stay with Kesar at Shakti Niwas. She convinces Krishna to let her stay with Kesar in Shakti’s house to put their plan into action.

Shakti agrees to get Kesar a maid to help her with household work. Menaka refuses to hire a maid with a scarred face but Shakti supports Kesar and hires her on the condition that she will cover her face at all times. Now Pratigya will enter the house in disguise of maid.

What will be Pratigya’s next step?

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