Manish Tulisyani adorns a new avatar !

Manish Tulisyani all set to experiment with his looks…

Manish tulsiyaniManish Tulisyani played 'Dhruv' in Sony's 'Chajje Chajje ka pyar and was seen portraying a boy next door who falls in love with his best friend. But, if you were to meet Manish now, you would be in for a shock – He has bid adieu to chocolate cute looks and he has embraced a new macho look!

Manish is keen on exploring new looks and loves experimenting. Manish recently shot new pictures of himself, adorning different looks.

When we spoke to Manish, he said-"I like to see myself supporting new looks. Same style gets very monotonous. So, if I want to see myself in a beard and long hair, so be it".

We have to meet Manish in real life, how would he be –"I'm all about balance. I like having fun and enjoying life. I'm a lot like Dhruv, but then I do have a serious streak in me. You need to be serious to take important decisions in life".

Well, we definitely look forward to seeing Manish back on screens again!

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