Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki: Vinod unknowingly talks about import export business to Lakshmi (11-04-2012)

Soumya is in Arjun's room showing him Mehendi. Arjun is surprised because Soumya never liked applying Mehendi. Lakshmi enters the room and Soumya hides somewhere. Lakshmi insists Arjun to put Mehendi on his hand in her name, but Arjun refuses as he doesn't like it. So Lakshmi asks Arjun to remove his shirt and she writes her name on his back.

Vinod and Rajvardhan are in some conversation and Rajvardhan offers him a drink. Soumya goes to Lakshmi and gifts her a dangling bracelet and tells her it's Arjun's choice and also tells her everything that Arjun likes.

Vinod is disappointed with the fact that he had to change his identity saying he is Vinod Bajpai and is into import and export. He unkowingly shakes hands with Lakshmi and says the byline of import and export.

Will Lakshmi get to know the truth?

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