Love, wrinkle-free, an upcoming movie, has an international calling

Love, wrinkle-free is an off-beat, light-hearted story about love going beyond cosmetic barriers – a universal theme that finds resonance across the world. The movie will be releasing in May 2012.

The star cast includes Ash Chandler (a standup comedian and a performer), Shernaaz Patel (also acted in movies like Black, Guzaarish and recently Rockstar), Seema Rahmani, Sohrab Ardeshir and Ashwin Mushran.

Set in Goa, Love, wrinkle-free is a story about Savio, a 38-year old senior area sales manager who works in an innerwear company. Savio’s mundane life is thrown out of gear with the unplanned pregnancy of his 46-year old religious wife Annie. Complicating matters further is how their adopted teenage daughter Ruth (with Asian/North East Indian features), reacts to this pregnancy, and a chance meeting Savio has with a sensual traveling photographer Natalie, who wants him to do something 'unique' for her.

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