Jayshree Soni's struggling to balance her personal and professional life

Jayshree Soni

Jayshree Soni is sweet, sensible and of course, a talented performer. Currently as Niyati in Sahara One’s Niyati, she is being loved by the masses. However, lately, she has been facing difficult times after her father underwent an open heart surgery. Her parents stay in Jaipur and Jayshree is in Mumbai. So she has to regularly shuttle between the two cities to balance work and personal life.

“I do not have many people who can look after my father; hence I make it a point to stand by him,” says Jayshree to Tellychakkar.com.

But her regular absence from work is proving to be a bane for the production house (Creative Eye). She shoots for a couple of days in Mumbai and then heads off to Jaipur to meet her parents. And the point of concern is that she doesn’t mention the date when she will return to work. As a result, the makers have to create a lot of filler episodes due to the lead’s absence.

“I have been informed that the creatives will no longer use any filler hence I will have to be present during the shots and I will be. Currently I am in Jaipur looking after my father but I will get back to Mumbai soon,” she goes on to state.

Finally, she ends by stating, “Yes, I have a personal problem but that does not mean that my professional life will take a backseat. I am working hard on balancing both and I am sure I will do it soon.”

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