It's "chill out" time for Angad Hasija

Angad Hasija

It’s no secret that Angad Hasija has tons of sex appeal. This smart looking actor has a super sexy physique and owns a smile with which he turns women crazy as and when he desires. Professionally, the actor was a part of Ram Milaayi Jodi on Zee TV which went off air early this week.

“We shot for the last episode on 8 April (2012) and everyone got pretty emotional on the sets. The show has been on air for quite some time but I was a part of it for only five to six months. But in this short span of time, I really gelled well with everyone. I had good time but yes, when a show goes off air, one always feels bad,” shares Angad.

So what now after Ram Milaayi? “I have received a few offers but it’s too early to talk right now. I am currently in Macau. I came here for a fashion show and also to chill out. I am enjoying and partying.”

He further continues, “I don’t want to do any run-of-the-mill character. I am waiting for something interesting and exciting. I will be patient and wait for it. Reality shows are also fine but I am comfortable in doing dance shows. And I am not really prepared for something like Bigg Boss,” he ends.

Well Angad, have a great time in Macau. Enjoy!!!

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