Irate fans and crew of Imagine demand answers!

Imagine’s decision to pull the plug has left people in the industry very dissatisfied..

Sudden demise of famous 'Imagine TV' has left the viewers with questions like 'Why' and 'How' racing across their minds!

Everyone is pondering over the abrupt decision to send the channel spiraling towards the black hole. The shows that featured on the channel are now in a quagmire and have audience wondering if they will be able to see their favourite shows on some other general entertainment channels.

Tellybuzz managed to get reactions of people associated with the channel and also some loyal viewers: viewers!

Vishal Karval from Dwarkadheesh says "It's a real sad news to hear that Imagine has shut, especially for the crew who have been working real hard… Imagine TV should have atleast issued a prior notice so that these people could have managed to try and get in somewhere else as this job really means a lot to them!

"It's a massive shock for me. I was just shooting in Baroda for my serial, doing the rehearsals, learning the lines and all off a sudden a call comes and it all Ends! We had to wrap up with the shooting on the spot! It's a really sad for the crew, as they are jobless now. The Channel head should have sent a notice first that it was possible to for all to absorb the shock" says Sooraj Thapar from Chandragupta Maurya.

Udit Rajpara, a loyal viewer of Imagine show Chandragupta Maurya says- "As a viewer I am hurt that our sentiments were not considered at all. I have been a loyal fan, and suddenly without wrapping up the story they have shut the show. If they had anyway planned to wrap up the show, they could have given it a proper ending."

Irate crew, cast and fans have been let down by the channel and has surely left them stumped. Low TRP's of their shows is counted as a major decision for this abrupt plug on the channel.

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