Indira to win the court case against Sameer in Hitler Didi

Rati Pandey and Mrunal Jain

The audiences of Trilogy Krikos’ Hitler Didi on Zee TV have been glued to their TV sets, all thanks to the ongoing courtroom drama in this daily. Now, they will see this track coming to an end with Indira (Rati Pandey) winning the case against Sameer Diwan (Mrunal Jain).

Indira was hell bent on winning this case, as she wanted to punish Sameer for raping her sister, Mandira (Gargi Sharma). And with Rishi’s (Sumit Vats) help she will be able to prove that Sameer is guilty.

The viewers have already seen that Indira’s dad, Inder (Rituraj Singh) turned against her, which made things immensely difficult for her. But when Indira’s brother Vidith, who recently came out of paralysis, decided to turn witness for the case; Indira finally saw some hope. However, according to sources this happiness will be short-lived.

Sources inform that in the future episodes, some goons will attack Vidith (Kapil Soni), while he will be on his way to the court. But he will somehow manage to reach the court and will speak the truth. The court will punish Sameer for his crime.

“More drama will follow with Simi (Navneet Nishan), who wants to rescue Sameer at any cost, asking Mandira to marry him. On hearing this, Mandira will slap Sameer,” adds the source.

When contacted Sumit Vats (Rishi) he confirmed the news and said, “Yes, a lot of mystery was build around Vidith. But this time many hidden facts will come out in the open. I just hope people like the show.”

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