Imarti Devi to bring Anuj and Mala together in Kairi

Hema Singh, Jay Bhanushali and Leena Jumani

A lot of drama has been unfolding in Colors’ Kairi. Viewers have seen that Imarti Devi (Hema Singh) has not been willing her son Anuj (Jay Bhanushali) to get married with his love interest, Mala (Leena Jumani). But there is some surprise element in the upcoming episodes. What will exactly happen? Read on, folks, to unravel.

Imarti Devi has been very strict with her children all the time and has been controlling their life. Till now, she has been against the decision of Anuj marrying Mala, but in a twist of events, she will now give nod to the union. In fact, she will go ahead and request Mala’s parents to fix their daughter’s marriage with her son.

Hence, Anuj and Mala will get engaged in a grand way but folks, the makers will throw in another sting in the tale. Their engagement will not mature into wedding due to some unforeseen development. got in touch with Leena who said, “Yes, there will be an engagement ceremony on the show,” however, she refused to comment any further.

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