History TV18 explores the world of Pharaohs with'Chasing Mummies (17-04-2012)

Can digging 250 pits be fun? Indeed, for the legendary archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass it’s exciting, challenging and entertaining! Join the legend on History TV18, as he explores ancient Egypt like never before on a new show called Chasing Mummies.

This new series breaks ground literally, as it digs some of the world's most famous archaeological sites to find astonishing facts! From the buried secrets of the pyramids to the location of Cleopatra's tomb, these excavationists go deep underground Egyptian sands to unveil a world of mystery.

While unearthing new treasures in the scorching deserts and valleys, Dr Hawass’ team encounters real risks, in order to get to the truth. Chasing Mummies takes viewers back in time to catch a glimpse of the olden history and Egyptian mythology.

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