Gear up for some Billu magic in FIR

Sandeep Anand

Sandeep Anand is in news, boss. Promos of FIR (airing on SAB TV produced by Edit 2 Productions) are focusing on him these days. Yes, this good-looking lad is the new entrant in the cop gang of Chandramukhi Chautala (Kavita Kaushik). Earlier he has done small cameos in this laugh riot but from now on he will be seen on a permanent basis as one of the constables.

“He is playing the role of Billu. He will be the brother-in-law of the Police Commissioner and even Chautala will be scared to talk to him,” informed a source.

Billu will be a very forgetful person and he will presume that he is a zamindar, a woman, and similar diverse characters.

“Yes, I have bagged a permanent role in FIR. My character, Billu, suffers from memory loss but I can’t reveal much at this point of time and you have to watch the episodes to enjoy more,” said Sandeep Anand, who was earlier seen as Piddi in UTV Bindass’ Sun Yaar Chill Maar.

He further continues, “I have been associated with the crew for quite some time time now and being the youngest member, I get pampered a lot. I am enjoying my role of Billu.”

Sandeep, hope you create wonders as Billu and audience showers you with love and affection!!!

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