Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: How will Vijaya manipulate Daksh? (17-04-2012)

Tarkasur is impatient and can’t wait for Shukracharya. There are several bugs coming out of his mouth who turn into Asurs. Tarkasur tells them his plan of action. Shiva tells Sati that she is a part of nature and before she was born, he would think of her only through mother nature.

Shiva tells Sati to go home along with Nandi for vidaai. Sati now really feels that she is going to leave. Kashyap, Aditi and Sati have an emotional moment. Bhrigu and Khyaati talk about the bad muhurat. Sati enters the room. She tells Bhrigu how he is like her father figure. She also talks to Khyaati and asks her to never forget her.

Tonight, Vijaya enters Daksh’s room with a diya as it is dark in his room. He is very sad about his favourite daughter leaving. Vijaya manipulates him. Daksh says the tears are for the old Sati, not the new one who loves Shiva.

Vijaya tells him to never back down. Sati is scared how to approach Daksh. Aditi says she understands her position. Prasuti asks Sati to give the brahmans the donations. She asks her not to be sad and that she has married a god, so she should be above humans to make her marriage work. She also asks Sati why she hasn’t met her father.

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