Couple or not? Chahat Khanna and Kanan Malhotra

Chahat Khanna and Kanan Malhotra

We are in a great fix guys. We are really confused with the relationship status of Chahat Khanna and Kanan Malhotra. Is it “complicated” or “confusing”? Now, Chahat –Ayesha of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain – was married to a businessman, Bharat Narsinghani, but later got divorced due to a strained relationship. Then the media was abuzz with the news of Chahat dating Kanan Malhotra (Dhruv of Preeto).

A reliable source informed us that the duo has been seeing each other since the last two years but recently they hit a rough patch and decided to part ways. But when we got in touch with Chahat and Kanan, they both doled out two different stories altogether.

“Break up? We have never been in a relationship. Kanan is just a good family friend. He is from Delhi and my entire family knows him. We often hang out together, but we are certainly not dating. But you never really know what happens in the future. We might get together.”

Future…haan? Now, here’s Kanan’s diverse and alternate story. “Yes, Chahat and I are dating since the last one and a half years. We met during a mock shoot at Delhi.”

Whoa…now you know why we are confused? It’s like taking a flower and counting with its petals, she loves me…she loves me not. Quite a quirky love affair, we must state.

And Kanan also wants to settle down with Chahat. “Currently we are focusing on our career. We will settle down in the future.”

In a state of mighty confusion, thanks to Kanan’s version, we decided to talk to Chahat again. She remained unavailable, but her spokesperson said, “Let Kanan say whatever he wants but for Chahat he is just a good friend. She is not dating Kanan.”

Someone needs to do some reality check, it seems. All we can say, love can be utterly butterly confusing at times.

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