Chhal-Sheh aur Maat: Kabir to die

The coming episodes of Chhal-Sheh aur Maat will have an interesting sequence in the story when Neha asks Kabir that she wants to meet Rishi for just once. In return, she would do whatever Kabir asks her to do.

Meanwhile, Neha is planning to get out of Kabir’s trap somehow. Kabir agrees to take Neha to meet Rishi, where she sees him tied with a rope by Kabir’s goon. He points a gun towards Rishi and tells Neha that he would shoot him if she tries to step towards him.

Neha tries to catch hold of the goon and in the hassle he drops his gun. Neha quickly picks it up and points it towards him. Accidently, she ends up shooting Kabir instead of he goon.

Will Kabir survive the gunshot or will he die?

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