Beware Radhika...Barkha is coming back in Choti Bahu

Rubina Dilaik and Barkha Dadachandji

Introduction of a plot of double role in a storyline can spice up things for a while. Thinking on identical lines, the creatives of Zee TV’s show Choti Bahu also brought in Radhika’s (Rubina Dilaik) double role track, but soon winded it up after not managing to gain the desired numbers. Okay…so what new will unfold in the soap now? Read on folks, you will find out.

Dev (Avinash Sachdev) and Radhika heaved a sigh of relief after the death of Barkha, the troublemaker, played by Benaf Dadachandji. But sunny days will be over for the lovely couple as Barkha is all set to make a comeback in the show.

What…she will come back? We know you guys must be wondering how can someone come back from death (it’s a bit uncanny that we are filing this story on Good Friday). Yes, the real dope is that she will re-surface as a ghost and create problems for Dev and Radhika.

“She will be seen in a bride’s attire. Her evil spirit will enter Rubina’s body and her ultimate aim will be to kill Dev and take him along with her to the other world,” said a source.

When contacted Benaf, she confirmed her re-entry and said, “Yes, I will enter the show once again. The upcoming track is very interesting one and I just hope that viewers like it.”

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