Adilshah and Sambhaji to die in Veer Shivaji

Ali Hasan and Ritesh Mobh

Colors’ Veer Shivaji is all set to witness two major events in the show. Apparently, two characters will die in this historical saga.

Buzz is that Afzal Khan will manage to kill Sambhaji (Ritesh Mobh) in a fight, by unfair means. This will shock Moropant (Amit Behl) and the entire Bhosle Territory. Moropant will pass this message to Jijabai, who with a heavy heart will manage to convey the same to Shivaji. Later on, the news will reach Adilshah’s (Ali Hasan) empire. On hearing the news, an ill Adilshah will not be able to bear the trauma and will breathe his last.

Adding more excitement to the track, Moropant and Shivaji will plan against Afzal Khan. Not only this, a great battle will take place between Afzal Khan and Shivaji at Pratapgarh fort. contacted Ali Hasan who said, “Yes, the character of Adilshah will see its end, because of ill health and the fear of losing his empire.”

However, in spite of repeated attempts, Ritesh Mobh remained unavailable.

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