Actors fall prey to Rajan Shahi's pranks on April Fools' Day

To be able to fool someone successfully and that too on April Fools’ Day is a big achievement. And Producer Rajan Shahi, (Director’s Kut) managed to fool his actors on the fateful day. Dimple Jhangiani, Waseem Mushtaq and Ankur Verma are the three actors who Rajan fooled.

A source informs that Rajan Shahi happened to visit the sets of Jamuna Paar just to have a look at the shoot. However, the idea of fooling his actors came to his mind and he chose the lead actor of the show, Ankur as his victim. He went up to the actor and started shouting on him about his poor acting and behaviour. Being new to the industry, Ankur kept mum and accepted this scolding. Though Ankur was a bit upset, he took it in the right stride and he touched Rajan Shahi’s feet to say sorry. “That was the moment when Rajan Shahi felt sad for the boy and revealed that it was a prank he played on him and the whole cast and crew had a huge laughter over it,” adds the source.

Furthermore, Rajan did the same thing on the sets of his other show, Amrit Manthan. He played the same prank on Dimple Jhangiani and Waseem Mushtaq and they too fell for it. While Dimple started crying, Waseem was totally confused. contacted Rajan Shahi, who confirmed the same and said, “Actually none of the pranks were planned but since it was April Fools’ Day, so I thought of playing a prank on Ankur, Dimple and Waseem. Though the entire unit had a huge laughter after the prank, I really felt sad for these guys as whole day they work hard and on top of that I played such a prank which would have left anyone in tension. Ankur and Dimple were in tears and Waseem was completely lost. But it was fun being a prankster for a day.”

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