Why do Malhar Pandya and Ketki Jayshree still visit Hamari Saas Leela sets?

Malhar Pandya and Ketkie Jayshree

The set of any TV show is one happening place. While it is indeed the place the actors show their acting prowess, it is also the place where they indulge in fun after shots. However, it can also be the place where a stray animal is fed and loved.

Incidentally, the set of Colors’ Hamari Saas Leela (Neela Telefilms) is home to a stray cat. Just recently, she gave birth to two kittens, which were named barfi and cham cham. And everybody, including the cast and crew of the show, used to take care of the new born babies and the mother alike.

The kittens were quite notorious; they would hide in suitcases, jump around, and sit on everyone’s lap. And every person on sets would take turn to feed them. But now that the show has gone off air; one would expect everyone to get busy with their lives and forget the feline affair. However, that is not the case. Malhar Pandya who played Harsh Parekh and Ketki Jayshree who played Sejal Parekh in this daily are still very fond of the cat family.

In fact, they still go to the demolished set alternatively and feed them with cat food. “We like feeding them,” the two actors tell Tellychakkar.com.

We hope that your love for the kitties inspire others as well. Meow!!!

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