Vidya Balan shares her Holi memories as Kahaani movie release nears

Vidya Balan shares her Holi memories as Kahaani movie release nears

By Almas Mirza

Vidya Balan is on a promotion spree for her upcoming film Kahaani, a thriller directed by Sujoy Ghosh. This will be Vidya's fifth women-centric film after Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture.

Kahaani is scheduled to release on March 9, but the promotional events can't let Vidya stay away from Holi. She shares with us, her childhood memories of Holi celebration and recalls, "We used to wake up early in the morning by 5 am, fill up the balloons with water and gulaal, go out and splash waters and get done by say 8. But in Chembur where I stayed, we saw that the north Indians used to step out only by 11 am and go on playing with colours till 1 or 2 pm. So I used to join them as well and it was double the fun. This time I will be busy promoting Kahaani."

Talking about Kahaani she shares with us some interesting experiences she encountered while shooting the film at different locations. "Once while we were changing location for the shoot, I was in the car with the prosthetic stomach on and we halted at a signal. Right beside my car was an inter-state bus and a girl sitting in the bus saw me and noticed the prosthetic stomach. She was shocked and I added to the confusion saying 'yea, that's six months.' Later, when I thought she could be some journalist, I clarified that it's only for a film that we are shooting."

Well, we didn't know Vidya plays such pranks on strangers, now did we? But that's not all, she went on to share another experience, "At another instance, I stood at an outdoor location in Kolkata and right beside me was a man standing and smoking. I promptly said to him that he should not be smoking beside a pregnant lady and the man immediately put off his cigarette. (laughs)"

Ask her whether she got any advice from her pregnant sister who recently delivered twins, and pat comes the reply, "No. In fact it was me who went about giving her tips. Stand like this, or walk like this. Don't do this, or do that. The prosthetic stomach gave me enough experience to give away tips to pregnant women."

Looks like Vidya had a lot fun shooting the movie, much more than the audience will have watching it!

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