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Shankar Dayal resolves the conflict between Anant & Navya & puts an finish to the differences between the families. Navya apologizes to Meeta as he berates her for lying to her in-laws about the fight. Omprakash shows interest in Deepaks poetry books. Anant & Navya are overwhelmed with the success of their plan to bring their families together. Anant surprises Navya by giving her a gift. Anant & Navya discuss the difficulties they went through with their plan while Omprakash overhears their conversation. Sugandha welcomes Anant & Navya back home. The Bajpai relatives members are shocked as Omprakash slaps Anant after returning home. Omprakash confronts Anant about the drama he & Navya played with the relatives.A relatives relative meets Bajpai females in the temple & enquires about Anant. Anant thanks his relative for helping him along with his plan.
Saraswati gets enraged & talks to Shankar Dayal & Omprakash about Anant behaviour at the temple. He blames Navya for Anants decision to leave the house & the humiliation he had to face among their relatives. In accordance with Anants plan, Nimisha informs the relatives about Nikhil enquiring about Anant & Navyas discord. Shankar Dayal asks Omprakash & Saraswati to discover a solution to resolve the conflict. Deepak demands Anant to disclose the truth to his relatives. Bajpai relatives visits Mishra house to bring Anant back. Omprakash questions Deepak for not taking any step to resolve the issue. Shankar Dayal declares that the families will do anything that is necessary to bring Navya & Anant together

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