Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th March 2012 || Sony Tv

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 6th March 2012 | 06 Mar 2012 Online . watch HQ quality videos Full Episode of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge on Friday 06.03.2012 dailymotion and youtube videos.

Sitaram informs Roop that they will be meeting her future husband in the afternoon. Prabal offers to drop Mehak home in a bid to try & woo her. Indu decides to meet Saanchi to show his innocence. Veena instructs Saanchi to take rest & study while they goes to the market. Abhimanyu shows his sympathy to Saanchi & tells her to ignore Indu. Roop waits for her future husband but in the meanwhile finds Indu arriving at her doorsteps. They assumes him as her future husband. Indu asks her about Saanchi's house. Saanchi opens the door & is shocked to see Indu.Indu together with his friends beats the security guards in the university campus. They threatens Dean Janardhan in the class & learns that Saanchi went home early with Mehak. Prabal pays Abhimanyu & instructs him to keep giving information about Indu. Veena asks Tarachand about shifting with relatives to Banaras but they refuses. Saanchi cries whole night thinking about the tensed situations around. In the morning, Palakshi informs Veena that Saanchi has high fever. Mehak learns about Saanchis ill health from Veena & avoids her doubtful questions regarding poster. Indu learns about Saanchis health from Mehak. They threatens Prabal for insulting Saanchi in the university.

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