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Arnav hears Shyam confessing his love to Khushi & is in a state of shock to see them betraying Anjali. Khushi refuses Shyams feelings & warns him to stay away from her henceforth. Anjali calls up Shyam & they is shocked to see her alive. Arnav decides to tell Anjali the truth about Shyam & Khushi.
Anjali tells Shyam about the brake failure in her automobile. Khushi decides to tell Arnav about Shyams true nature & goes in search of him. Arnav confronts Shyam about the truth. Nani gets worried about Anjali but Anjali reassures her. Arnav gets annoyed & warns Shyam that they will must pay for hurting Anjali. Shyam shamelessly accepts the truth about loving Khushi & challenges Arnav to do whatever they desires to do.Anjali asks Arnav to express his feelings to his loved ones & listen to his heart.
On reading the message written on the mirror Khushi goes to the terrace to meet Arnav. Arnav decides to confess his love to Khushi. Arnav bandages Anjali's wound. Khushi gets shocked to see Shyam on the terrace & to listen to that they had written the message on the mirror. Khushi tries running away but Shyam manhandles her. Khushi gets disgusted when Shyam talks about betraying Anjali. Shyam forcibly hugs Khushi against her will. Arnav goes to the terrace & gets stunned to see Shyam & Khushi embracing each other. While Shyam expresses his feelings, Khushi is disgusted with him & tells him to leave Anjali. Arnav gets shocked to listen to Khushi say this.

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