I am not engaged to Sky, clarifies Pooja Bedi

Sky and Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi and Sky aka Akashdeep Sehgal met in the house of scandals. Yes, we are talking about Bigg Boss season 5 on Colors. In the show, they got along really well and even after the season ended, their relationship continued pretty thick and strong. They went to Dubai together to “chill out “and off late, have emerged as best of friends. Now, when two hot celebs become “friends”, it’s just remains a matter of time before they get tagged as a “couple” by the rumour mills. And this exactly what happened with Sky and Pooja and the word spread around that they are in love.

But Pooja and Sky (he was here as a guest editor) both denied it and called it “an utter rubbish.” But somehow people can’t stop talking about them. Yesterday (1 March 2012), thanks to the fascinating and enlightening world of social networking, someone tweeted that PB has got engaged to Sky and she is wearing a gold engagement ring. Of course, our news desk got busy to find out the truth and we called up Pooja. And this is what the lovely lady had to say,

“Engaged?”…she continued after a hearty laugh, “No way. May be it’s due to the gold ring I am wearing. It’s something that my astrologer has suggested me to wear. My engagement ring will be a proper diamond one,” she went on smiling.

So why do people keep talking about you and Sky? Is something brewing between you two? “No way. I think we are too open with each other being good friends. I think I should tell Sky to shut a little bit (laughs). Beyond that, I can’t really stop people from thinking or saying what they want to,” she ended.

Hmm…Pooja, we just hope that you and Sky remain pals for eternity!!!

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