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Bhabhoo teaches Sandhya the right way to touch elders feet. They also learns that Maasa likes to be praised. Bhabhoo asks Sandhya to change & prepare. Meenakshi designs to get her sisters alliance people to the house without Bhabhoo but Vikram disagree to her plan. Sandhya learns that her suitcase got exchanged with Soorajs. Sandhya searches for Sooraj & comes to his room. Sooraj asks her to leave immediately when they finds her in his room. Meanwhile, an elderly man locks the room thinking it to be vacant.

Sooraj & Sandhya are locked in the room.Bhabhoo tells Bhabhasa that they doesnt require Sooraj to ruin his life for Sandhya. The Rathi relatives leaves for the marriage ceremony to a village. Sandhya finds the place & the people odd. Bhabhoo taunts Sandhya to cover up her face. Sooraj helps Sandhya as they is unable to see the lane. Sandhya is lost in the place & ends up speaking with Maasa. Maasa assumes her to be some officer & makes her sit beside her. Bhabhoo gets angry & tells Maasa about her. Bhabhoo & Maasa taunts Sandy for her behavior.

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