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Arhaan Behll

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Arhaan Behll is a popular face in the world of Indian television and has immense popularity amongst the masses, thanks to his portrayal of Krishna Thakur in Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya on Star Plus (produced by Spellbound and Walkwater Productions). The actor walked late in the evening as a guest editor but by the time he left, everyone was charmed by his super cool personality.

“So, it’s seven years now. Congrats to all you guys,” he wished our team the moment he entered. And as we started conversing, we realised that he has a penchant for supernatural stuff.

“I love spooky things. I have even been to a cemetery in Mumbai. I think these things interest everyone,” he smiled. Then we went on to talk about ghosts, horror movies, scary novels and what not. And then he shot (he has a subtle sense of humour),” Arrey, koi akele to nahin rehta Mumbai mein. Darna varna mat…main hoon na,” he burst out laughing.

His favourite scary movie is The Skeleton Key and he is such a horror movie buff, that he even watches Punjabi spooky flicks. “Yes, I watched a Punjabi horror movie and I kept on laughing. The best part was that even the ghost could talk in Punjabi. And in a scene, his mask was coming off and he held on to it and kept on saying the dialogues. And the ghost was really co-oLinkperative and considerate. It was great fun actually.”

Finally, he said that he keeps so busy working that he doesn’t get time to socialize. “I have very less friends in the industry. But currently I am enjoying my stint in the show and I am overwhelmed with the love ad response of my fans,” he ended.

Arhaan, you have a great time in the industry and we hope that our association continues forever and ever!!!

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