Winner: Survivor India 2012

Majethia,Sthitpragya,and MohanRajrani


STAR Plus' adventure reality show Survivor India is heading for an interesting finale. And brings out for you the name of the finalists. According to our source, JD Majethia, Rajrani and Sthitpragya Mohan are the three names that will vouch for the Survivors title.

As we saw in Saturday's episode both the former tribes(Catan and Tayak) were dissolved and a Linknew tribe, Wala Wala, named after a poisonous snake of Philippines was formed that comprises of remaining five members each of the earlier tribes.

According to the new format, each eliminated contestant will from now on become a part of a jury (Timmy Narang and Harrison are the first 2 members of the 7 members jury panel). The remaining 3 contestants will vie for the crown before the same jury who they had ousted to get to the top three.

Our reliable source tells that the three finalists (JD Majethia, Rajrani and Sthitpragya Mohan) appeared before the jury and were subject to some intense grilling on the last day of shooting on Caymon islands. The final votes of the jury have been locked in a box and will only be opened on 6 March 2012, when the finale episode is shot.

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